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The Bee Friendly Garden

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Doug Purdie

By Doug Purdie

Paperback. 224 pages

A richly illustrated guide for anyone who wants to plant and manage their garden, balcony, backyard or any green space to encourage bees and good bugs to visit and thrive.

Doug challenges everyone to 'think like a bee'.

Learn how bees search for all important nectar and pollen, and why your garden will literally blossom if the bees visit.  Contains a plant guide to bee friendly plants, lists simple changes anybody can make, and plenty of Ideas for gardens of all sizes. Plus save money and the planet with this natural pest control and companion planting advice.

About the Author

Doug Purdie has been a pioneer of inner city beekeeping in Sydney. Along with his partner at The Urban Beehive, Doug maintains more than 100 beehives on city rooftops, balconies, backyards and in community gardens.