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Miniature print. Teddy Bear Bee

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Teddy Bear Bee (Amegilla bombiformis). A miniature print by Gina Cranson

This exquisite illustration fits a standard square frame with a 12cm wide window. Printed on Australian-made acid-free archival paper with 50% recycled content (330gsm) in cream. Features an embossed border and detail.

The Teddy Bear Bee or golden haired mortar bee, looks like a furry orange bumblebee and is about the same size as a honey bee. It lives along the east coast of Australia in soil burrows. It is stalked by the domino cuckoo bee that waits for burrows to be left unattended and then lays its own egg in cells that the teddy bear bee has diligently stocked with pollen and nectar ready for its own young. Male teddy bear bees form a peculiar yet charming sight, resting en masse