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Beeswax Alchemy

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By Petra Ahnert

Richly illustrated paperback withsetep-by-step photographs. 136 pages

Regardless of whether you are a veteran beekeeper or someone who just likes the way beeswax looks and smells, you'll learn form apiarist and entrepreneur Petra Ahnert, who will teach you how to transform this miraculous material in the beautiful, useful and unexpected.

Inside you'll find:

  • an introduction to beeswax's form and functions
  • tips and techniques for transforming beeswax into useful products for the home and your healt
  • detailed recipes to get you started in crafting your own soaps, balms, salves, homewares, fabrics and more.

Do you know . . .?

the difference between beekeepers wax, brood wax and white wax?

  • Beekeepers wax is the yellow wax saved after honey is extracted.
  • Brood wax is much darker and is comprised of wax much worked over by the bees for raising young bees.
  • White wax is beeswax that has been ultra finely filtered to remove all contaminants.

This book is great for entry level and moderately experienced crafters, covering the core skills needed for a range of projects and giving clear information on materials, techniques, safety and suppliers. The recipes are fairly simple but can be adapted once you know the basics.

Earns a place on the bookshelf of any beekeeper or DIYer interested in beeswax.